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A browser interface should be as small as possible, and give the user as much freedom as possible. Instead of pressing the menus into small buttons, I suggest to put them somewhere else and thus to give them more “space”. In my opinion, the ideal solution would be to use a newly opened tab – that appears as empty under current versions. This empty space is what I would like to use because it has enough display capacity. The fact that the tools disappear as soon as you open a website is a further advantage. This currently empty tab could become a sort of second desktop (“Fire Desktop”), where all elements are placed as widgets. This would give the user the flexibility that is often called for – he could largely decide how to use and organize the newly won space.

By clicking on “Bookmarks” in the “sub navigation panel”, the user would see the information in the whole browser window, and not only inside a small drop-down menu. In this way, it would be possible to choose better or other displaying methods than those available now. The browser history could be displayed, e.g. as a time line or as a tree structure. Furthermore, I think that Firefox should put a good RSS reader at users’ disposal from the very beginning because RSS feeds have become part and parcel of the Internet (like ‘Brief RSS reader‘).

About widgets:

As already said, each “Fire Desktop” element would be a widget. To unlock the desktop, you would have to click once on the lock icon in the lower right corner. From then on, it is possible to freely arrange the widgets on the desktop, to alter their size, to select different widget skins – large and colorful or minimalistically small, to edit widget preferences, and to remove existing ones. Many users would certainly welcome the possibility to freely choose a background picture for their desktops.

To install new widgets, one could use the Mozilla add-on page which should entail an extra sub-category “Widgets”. This would enable the user to custom design his “Fire Desktop”, adding precious extra value to Firefox.

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PDF: Firefox GUI – An idea

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