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New Blog: just-one-idea

In this blog, I would like to share my ideas and thoughts with you.

Openness, independence and harmony should be the goal and the guiding principle behind each idea – without them you can’t create a good future. My suggestions will sometimes be concrete, sometimes abstract. Yet, they will always aim at helping humanity. Freedom means among other things autonomy, even if this is not compatible with the current economic system.

Discussions welcome! – Don’t hesitate to disseminate my ideas!

I took a big wheel from here, a small wheel from there, and the chain from over there. I also visualized a saddle and a few bars. Voilà! I had a bike! Now, with this picture of a bike in my head, I started to think aloud about all the stuff you could do with a bike. Unable to anticipate what would happen, I said, deep in my cycling thoughts: “It should be possible to cycle straight ahead”.

A first eager listener came up to me straightaway. He remarked enthusiastically that it would probably be possible to move much faster downhill. The skeptic was not much behind, though, and spoke: “What about going uphill?”. He added in the same breath that it would probably be too strenuous, anyway. Then came a third guy: “Are there more uphill or downhill cycling possibilities in this country?”.

I stood rooted to the ground – I had had ‘just-one-idea’.

Paradiesstaub (translation: paradise dust)