A task that I preform pretty often when following a link is to erase the URL additions to see the main page (link → blog post → main page). Why not create a button inside the URL bar to get there faster? It should ‘work’ after a double click so that it doesn’t disturb the user when typing a new URL.


I was inspired by two programs: GNOME – Nautilus & Google Chrome

In the GNOME file manager Nautilus, it is easy to jump to a higher folder in the hierarchy by simply clicking.


So why not having a similar feature in Firefox? Just a simple double click to get to the main page of the site. Google Chrome has some kind of highlighting elements right now in the URL bar to clarify the most important part of an URL, but does nothing special with it.


The highlighting through a bottom should be decent and should not disturb the user. The button could be hidden and only shows up when doing a mouseover.

If the user double-clicks on the button = opens main page

If the user double-clicks outside the button = marks whole URL (as it is right now)

That’s it for the moment.


PDF: Additional suggestion to improve the URL bar